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Health Policy in the Next Congress

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The voters have spoken and while there’s still some counting—and recounting—happening, the outcome of the 2022 midterms sheds light on voters’ policy priorities. But what does this mean for health legislation over the next two years?

Join BPC and our panel of pollsters and health policy experts for a discussion on the election results, the top policy issues for midterm voters, whether the 118th Congress will have similar priorities, and how this will inform the BPC Health Program’s future work.

Featured Participants


Bill McInturff
Partner, Pollster, Public Opinion Strategies

Robert Blendon
Professor, Director, Harvard Opinion Research Program

Chris Jennings
Founder & President, Jennings Policy Strategies Inc.

Amy Cunniffe
Partner & Principal, Split Oak Strategies LLC

Jim Capretta
Senior Fellow, American Enterprise Institute

Moderated by:

Marilyn Serafini
Executive Director, Health Program, BPC

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