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Where Does the ESG Debate Go from Here?

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Over the past year, ESG has dominated the news cycle and political debates at the federal and state levels. Republican lawmakers have raised concerns about how and by whom ESG factors are being used to make nonpecuniary business and investment-related decisions. This contrasts with institutional investors and asset managers who support ESG as a way to identify certain risks and opportunities, as well as some investors who want to generate environmental and social benefits.

With the midterm election now behind us, where does the ESG debate go from here? Join BPC as we discuss how the election results will impact the ESG debate in the 118th Congress and beyond, and why there is reason to believe areas for bipartisan consensus—such as a concern with greenwashing or the importance of “materiality” in disclosure, among others—can exist.

Featured Participants

Keynote remarks by:

Rep. Bill Huizenga


Robert Eccles
Visiting Professor of Management Practice, Oxford University

Daniel Crowley
Partner, K&L Gates LLP

Aron Szapiro
Head of Retirement Studies and Public Policy, Morningstar

Moderated by:

Michele Nellenbach
Vice President of Strategic Initiatives, BPC

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