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EHS-CCP Series Part 2: State Recommendations to Build and Expand EHS-CCPs

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Join us for Part 2 in our event series on Early Head Start-Child Care Partnerships (EHS-CCP) with the Children’s Equity Project and Start Early. Learn about how states can build EHS-CCPs and align state systems with the holistic Head Start model. Hear from EHS-CCP officials in California, Georgia, and Alabama, and from other state leaders who have worked to build aligned, high quality state systems. Panelists will discuss their successes and lessons learned and share approaches states can take to build on the Head Start model.

Mark your calendars for Part 3, focused on the impact of EHS-CCPs on local communities later this summer.

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Shantel Meek | Executive Director, Children’s Equity Project, Arizona State University

Sarah Neville-Morgan | Deputy Superintendent of Public Instruction, Opportunities for All, California Dept. of Education

Bentley Ponder | Deputy Commissioner, Quality Innovations and Partnerships, Bright From The Start, Georgia Dept. of Early Care and Learning

Barbara Cooper | Secretary of Early Childhood Education, Alabama Dept. of Early Childhood Education


Linda Smith | Director, Early Childhood Initiative, BPC

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