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Early Care and Education Systems: Revisiting a State-by-State Analysis

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As the nation emerges from the pandemic, states have reflected on the importance of an efficient governance structure serving as a critical component to effectively administer emergency funding. BPC revisits our 2018 report examining how states manage federal funding for early childhood programs to learn what structural changes states made in the intervening years.

Join us Thursday, January 12 as early care and education experts discuss BPC’s updated analysis, which includes new state rankings, and hear from states that made exceptional progress.

Featured Participants


Christopher D. Jones
Executive Director of the Department of Human Services, North Dakota

Todd Landry
Director of the Office of Child & Family Services, Maine

Samantha Aigner-Treworgy
Fellow, Early Childhood Initiative, BPC

Moderated by:

Linda Smith
Director, Early Childhood Initiative, BPC

Brittany Walsh
Associate Director, Early Childhood Initiative, BPC

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