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What’s ESG Got to Do With It? The Impact of DOL Rule on Retirement Savings

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In March, President Biden exercised his first veto, rejecting a Congressional resolution that would have rolled back a Department of Labor rule from last December. The rule concerns what “financial factors” can or cannot be considered by retirement plan fiduciaries. The dispute has been framed as a fundamental disagreement over environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors and their role in investment allocation decisions. This issue has been a political football for years, swinging back and forth depending on the administration in power.

How much does the rule and the fight over it matter for Americans’ retirement? Is the dispute between President Biden and Congress the final battle over ESG—or just the latest in a series? Join the Bipartisan Policy Center for a discussion of ESG and the politics of retirement—and what the fight in Washington could mean for millions of Americans.


Panel discussion with:

Robert Eccles | Visiting Professor of Management Practice at the Said Business School, Oxford University

Anson Frericks | Co-Founder and President, Strive Asset Management

Clara Miller | Advisor, Social Sector Finance; President Emerita, Heron Foundation

Moderated by:

Tim Doyle | Senior Policy Advisor, Bipartisan Policy Center


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