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Cyber Threats to Campaigns and Elections

Bipartisan Policy Center
1225 Eye St NW, Suite 1000
Washington, DC 20005
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Campaigns and elections take place in cyberspace.  Voters get their information online, campaigns are increasingly run online, digital advertising is exploding, all promising to provide more and better information for an informed citizenry.  But with these tools come questions and dangers: what safeguards are needed to protect against foreign influence, what policies should internet platforms adopt on campaign advertising and to protect against malicious actors, should there be more government regulation of the digital campaign space?

The new Cyber Policy Center at Stanford University’s Freeman Spogli Institute (FSI) has just released the report Securing American Elections, which addresses these questions.  Join us for discussion of cyber campaign issues with Nate Persily, Stanford Law Professor and Senior Fellow at FSI and Alex Stamos, Adjunct Professor at FSI and former Chief Security Officer at Facebook.

The event will be webcast. Lunch will also be served!

Panel Discussion with:

Nate Persily
Co-Director of the Cyber Policy Center at Stanford University’s Freeman Spogli Institute (FSI), Senior Fellow at FSI, and James B. McClatchy Professor of Law at Stanford Law School
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Alex Stamos
Director of the Cyber Policy Center’s Internet Observatory; Visiting Fellow, Hoover Institution; Former Chief Security Officer, Facebook
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Moderated by:

John Fortier
Director of Governmental Studies, BPC
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