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Competition in the Labor Market: Challenges and Paths Forward

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The “Great Resignation” and worker shortages have defined the labor market recently, but a report from the Treasury Department suggests that more challenges are on the horizon. Experts are increasingly raising concerns about the long-term impact of anti-competitive employment practices and regulations on workers, businesses, and the economy. While workers today see a generally favorable market, it is shadowed by years of lagging wages and stagnant worker mobility—as well as concern about what comes next.

Last year, President Biden’s executive order promoting competition throughout the economy brought this discussion to the forefront of federal policymaking, and the administration’s recent report on the state of labor market competition sets the stage for further executive action and legislative initiatives. Join us as we welcome Ben Harris, the Treasury Department’s Assistant Secretary for Economic Policy, and a panel of policy experts and stakeholders representing diverse perspectives to discuss the current state of the labor market, the short-term and long-term challenges, and solutions that benefit workers and businesses alike.

Featured Participants

Keynote conversation with:

Ben Harris
Assistant Secretary for Economic Policy, U.S. Department of the Treasury

Amara Omeokwe
Reporter, Wall Street Journal

Panel discussion with:

Jason Fichtner
Vice President and Chief Economist, BPC

Rebecca Dixon
Executive Director, National Employment Law Project

Curtis Dubay
Chief Economist, U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Moderated by:

Katia Dmitrieva
Reporter, Bloomberg

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