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Can AI Accelerate Innovation? (Webcast)

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Artificial intelligence provides government, universities, and businesses new tools for conducting research and development (R&D), a key driver of economic growth. AI is already driving innovation in health care, manufacturing, and energy. Of importance now, AI can also drive innovation that could predict or mitigate pandemics. Consequentially, questions about federal innovation policy and R&D are becoming more critical. On March 31, the Bipartisan Policy Center will explore the question of whether AI can accelerate innovation.

Join the conversation on Zoom here or view the livestream above.

Carla Cartwright
Senior Director, Global Digital and Regulatory Policy, Johnson and Johnson

Aneesh Chopra
Former Chief Technology Officer of the United States; President, CareJourney

John Soroushian
Associate Director, Corporate Governance and Finance Project, BPC

Mark Walsh
Managing Director, Ruxton Ventures, LLC

BPC is closely monitoring the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) situation. We will continue to review information from official government agencies and assess if our event plans need to change.

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