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BPC Announces Net Zero Business Alliance

This event has passed.

Achieving a net zero economy in the United States is necessary, urgent, and challenging. The public and private sectors must actively collaborate on developing carbon solutions and policy frameworks that enable the energy transition to occur at a scale and speed unlike any prior industrial transformation.

To elevate the corporate role in this transition, the Bipartisan Policy Center is launching the Net Zero Business Alliance (NZBA) with a group of leading companies from key sectors of the American economy.

Join us for a kick-off event of the Net Zero Business Alliance, featuring a panel discussion with its founding members.

Featured Participants

Tom Fanning
CEO, Southern Company

Scott Kirby
CEO, United Airlines

John R. Tyson
Chief Sustainability Officer, Tyson Foods

Russell Hagen
Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Weyerhaeuser

In light of restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic, BPC events have shifted to all remote formats, such as video teleconferences or calls.

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