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American Innovation Series: Martin Cooper

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One of the foremost American innovators of the past half-century is Martin Cooper. Cooper invented the cell phone while working at Motorola and went on to start and grow a series of companies that developed innovations in the cellular industry. He has been a pioneer in the field of wireless technology, advising other innovators in the field as well as the Federal Communications Commission. He even established a technological “law”: Cooper’s Law of Spectrum Capacity.

The U.S. Congress is moving toward passage of bipartisan legislation that aims to enhance American innovation and technological leadership. BPC sits down with Martin Cooper to discuss global competition, 5G, wireless spectrum, his recent book–and what lessons we can learn from the invention of the cell phone and the litany of technological innovations that followed.

Featured Participants

Moderated by

Dane Stangler
Director of Strategic Initiatives, BPC

Discussion with:

Martin Cooper
Dyna LLC

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