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Could the EU Set U.S. AI Policy and Standards

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AI is a key technology for the future that affects everyday citizens and drives global competition. The United States and European Union have so far taken different policy approaches to this technology, with the EU focused on the AI Act and the U.S. focused on developing a risk management framework through the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). AI policy has sparked major debates on both sides of the Atlantic with important questions around the appropriate role of regulation and standards. Further, questions exist about whether policies set by the European Union can become de facto global standards (what’s known as the “Brussels Effect”) and to what extent. Join the Bipartisan Policy Center as we look at the different approaches to AI policy and how policies across the Atlantic could affect the U.S.


Fireside Chat with:

Elham Tabassi
Chief of Staff, Information Technology Laboratory, National Institute of Standards and Technology

Panel discussion with:

John Soroushian
Senior Associate Director

Markus Anderljung
Research Fellow – Head of Policy

Sabine Neschke
Policy Analyst


Tom Romanoff
Director of Technology Project

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