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AI and Pandemics (WEBINAR)

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COVID-19 has dramatically disrupted people’s lives and reshaped society. Government, business, and civil society are all trying to find ways to counter the pandemic with artificial intelligence emerging as a silent partner. From forecasting the spread of COVID-19, to managing scarce health care resources, to developing a vaccine to the coronavirus, AI’s presence in the health response to the pandemic is everywhere. Therefore, unlocking the full potential of AI and putting in place the proper safeguards is critical. Join the Bipartisan Policy Center via webcast on April 22nd to learn more about how AI is being used on the front lines of health to fight COVID-19.

Learn more about AI and medical research.

Join the conversation on Zoom here or view the livestream above.

Opening remarks by:

Anand Parekh, MD
Chief Medical Advisor, BPC

Panel Discussion:

Madhu Beriwal
President and CEO, IEM

Emad Rizk, MD
President and CEO, Cotiviti

Moderated by:

John Soroushian
Associate Director, BPC

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