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Engaging individuals more fully in their own health and health care not only improves the experience of care for patients and their families, it also improves the quality and cost- effectiveness of care.

The use of online, electronic, and mobile tools—which plays such a predominant role in all other aspects of American life—has the potential to enhance and accelerate consumer engagement strategies employed by a broad range of health care organizations, including clinicians, employers, health plans, hospitals, and other providers.

In a report entitled Improving Quality and Reducing Costs in Health Care: Engaging Consumers Using Electronic Tools, the Bipartisan Policy Center released a set of findings and recommendations for accelerating the use of online, mobile and other electronic tools to improve health and health care in the U.S.

The report summarizes the critical role that patient engagement plays in improving cost and quality outcomes and the experience of care, and how the use of electronic tools can significantly expand and improve upon current patient engagement strategies to achieve better outcomes.

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