Working to find actionable solutions to the nation's key challenges.

BPC Advocacy Network (BPCAN) Intern, Summer 2013

School: University of Michigan ‘14

Major: Political science and Spanish

Future Plans: After undergrad, I will either attend graduate school in a political science program, or do legislative work in D.C. in legislative work. At some point, I’d like to work on the Hill, and in the long-term, continue to work in political science and policy research.

BPC Intern Duties: As the BPCAN intern, I work to get the policy recommendations of BPC to the desks of policy-makers. I have written policy reports and memos, attended congressional committee meetings, written bipartisan blog posts, and researched pending legislation. I’ve also had the opportunity to the go to the Hill on behalf of BPCAN.

Best Intern Memory: My favorite intern memories include attending an event at the National Building Museum, and a Washington Nationals game with BPC. I’ve also been able to meet policy makers and attend meetings in their Hill offices. The opportunities I’ve had at BPC this summer as an intern have been truly unique.

On the importance of bipartisanship: Although an avid believer in bipartisanship before starting my internship at BPC, I now have a deeper my understanding of the word ‘bipartisan’. As the BPC staff often says: ‘bipartisan’ does not mean ‘nonpartisan’. Seeing solutions and rigorous analyses produced by individuals of both parties gives me hope that our country will meet whatever policy challenges may lie ahead. The BPC reemphasizes the importance of the ideas in politics rather than pure ideology.

On being in D.C.: The best part about D.C. is that everything happening in the country is essentially taking place down the road from you. Watching the news or reading news articles online becomes an almost bizarre experience… I’ll often already know about a news story before it appears in the media simply by the nature of working in a highly political atmosphere. My favorite thing about being in D.C. is the awesome magnitude of this city, living in the center of American politics, and in a small way, being a part of it all.