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In November 2010, the Bipartisan Policy Center launched the Democracy Project—a bipartisan initiative that analyzes and advocates for improvements to the country’s democratic system and institutions. The Democracy Project draws on the expertise of some of the nation’s top government, business, civic, military and academic leaders from across the political spectrum to achieve bipartisan solutions that improve the functionality of our political system.  

The Democracy Project focuses on several critical areas: improving the voter experience and election administration, strengthening government oversight capacities, measuring the effectiveness of our congressional rules and procedures, reforming the congressional redistricting and reapportionment processes, and addressing the overall health of the American political system. The Democracy Project also has current work on electoral demographics and political parties. Under the leadership of Dr. John Fortier and Matthew Weil, the project highlights potential policy changes that would promote a more efficient and effective government and issues recommendations with the aim of improving the national debate. 

In a new era of divided government, the Democracy Project expects to find new, discrete avenues of potential agreement between the parties on institutional issues and remains committed to the idea that policy and process solutions will continue to yield positive results.


This internship will involve research into numerous areas: state and federal election laws, congressional and executive branch oversight, political parties, election administration, redistricting, improving civility within our political system, and reforms that can be implemented to improve accountability and constructive policy change within Congress and the executive branch, among other topic areas. Interns will be tasked with taking notes and writing occasional blog posts about our events and policy issues for the organization’s website. Interns may also perform occasional data entry and assist in planning and coordinating events related to the Democracy Project.