Working to find actionable solutions to the nation's key challenges.

Project Background

In November 2010, the Bipartisan Policy Center (BPC) launched the Democracy Project—a bipartisan initiative that analyzes and advocates for improvements to our democratic institutions. Co-chaired by former Secretaries Dan Glickman and Dirk Kempthorne and AOL co-founder Steve Case, the Democracy Project has assembled an advisory committee consisting of some of the nation’s top government, business, civic, military and academic leaders. Despite their ideological differences, all share a concern about the tenor of our political discourse and a growing need to confront our many challenges together—from the national debt to national security.

After extensive meetings with experts, thought leaders and practitioners from both political parties, the Democracy Project will focus on several critical areas: promoting civility in public life, the congressional redistricting and reapportionment processes, improvement of the federal appointments process, strengthening the institutional effectiveness of Congress and addressing the overall health of the American political system. Under the leadership of Dr. John Fortier and with the assistance of Visiting Scholar Don Wolfensberger, a former staff director of the U.S. House Committee on Rules, the project will highlight potential infrastructure changes that promote a more efficient and effective government and issue recommendations with the aim of improving the national debate. While improving the way Washington functions may not occur overnight, small investments in procedural reforms and infrastructure changes will pay grand dividends for the American people.


This internship will involve research into numerous areas: congressional redistricting, improving civility within our political system, and reforms that can be implemented to improve accountability and constructive policy change within Congress and the executive branch, among other topic areas. You will be tasked with taking notes and writing occasional blog posts about our events and policy issues for the organization’s website. You will also have the opportunity to assist in planning and coordinating events related to the Democracy Project.


  • Must be an enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate school
  • Strong research and writing skills
  • Ability to communicate clearly and effectively
  • An interest in government and institutional reform