Working to find actionable solutions to the nation's key challenges.

BPC Team: Prevention Initiative

School: University of Texas at Dallas ‘18

Major: Major in Neuroscience; Minor in Public Health

Future Plans: I plan to go to medical school after I graduate and after that, I want to work as a physician for a few years not only because I’m interested in critical aspects of medicine, but also because I want to see first-hand the challenges that other health care systems face.

BPC Intern Duties: Day-to-day, I do a lot of administrative support for the Prevention team, work on research for team members, and write policy briefs. Three times a week, I do press clips. I attend meetings and take notes. Sometimes these meetings have very important people like senators and CEOs, so it’s always cool to just be in the same room as them. I also occasionally attend briefings on the Hill or here at BPC or other local organizations and think tanks. I take notes on whatever issue they’re talking about and brief my team afterwards. Long-term I’m working on some research projects and assisting with grant proposals. I also write blogs following events.

Best Intern Memory: I think my favorite part has been attending the briefings because I get to be outside the office and explore DC. I also get to go to local organizations and speak with really influential people that are doing really influential things. I got the chance to speak with Senator Daschle and some other representatives during my time here. That’s my favorite part because it’s not something I would get to do back home (Texas) and I’ve developed an interest in so many things like the opioid crisis that I’ve never heard of before.

On the importance of bipartisanship: I think bipartisanship is essential to formulating lasting solution in America and the world. We have a lot of problems and those usually get drowned out by partisan bickering and trying to get one leg up on the other party. That jeopardizes the future of this nation. I think institutions like BPC really help make a difference. BPC is important because it brings together people from all over the political spectrum. It’s important to be able to say “I may not like or agree with everything you’re saying but we can compromise and come to an agreement.” It’s a great model for how Congress should act and how we should act as a country.

On being in Washington, DC: I thought I was going to get away from the Texas heat, but I guess not. It’s a great city though. I like the history of it most. All these things you read about in school are happening right down the street which is really amazing to even think about.