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CEO Council on Sustainability and Innovation

Companies all along the food supply chain are on the front lines of addressing the challenges of a changing climate, a growing population, as well as other threats to a stable food supply. Innovative approaches are essential to both combat and adapt to these changes. There is little collective understanding of the strategies being deployed nor is there public appreciation of the adaptation challenges, mitigation opportunities, and market forces driving change.

The Key Facts

The business community is a powerful force for change. That is why leaders from the agriculture and food sector are joining together to form the CEO Council on Sustainability and Innovation. The council will showcase and promote innovative approaches to both combat and adapt to the realities of our changing climate. Members are committed to leading action within their companies and inspiring action throughout the industry.

The council provides a unique opportunity to collectively feature corporate leadership efforts to combat and address challenges facing the food supply chain. While each company faces varying sustainability challenges ranging from water and energy use to land and nutrient management, the council creates a platform for highlighting the initiatives and activities the private sector is committed to taking. The council will also explore the impact of severe weather variability across the food supply chain, and how implications for food price spikes and disruptions in food production are driving sustainability efforts.

Council Members

John A. Bryant
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Kellogg Company

Jim Collins
Executive Vice President, DuPont

Jeffery Ettinger
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Hormel Foods

Chris Policinski
President and Chief Executive Officer, Land O’Lakes

Jeff Simmons
President, Elanco

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