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BPC’s Partnership with Yahoo Finance

Beginning in 2019, the Bipartisan Policy Center’s Funding Our Future campaign partnered with Yahoo Finance on an exclusive weekly series of interviews broadcast on their digital platform: Yahoo Finance Live. The weekly segment is dedicated to ensuring retirement and financial security for all Americans. Each FOF branded segment features a campaign partner interviewed by Yahoo’s broadcast hosts and reporters to highlight the partner’s latest research, policy solutions, and advice to working Americans. The segments and accompanying articles on Yahoo Finance and can often reach hundreds of thousands of viewers and readers a week.

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As the COVID-19 pandemic’s economic impact deepened through the summer of 2020, millions of workers faced unemployment or furloughs along with dwindling savings. To help Americans navigate these dire circumstances, the FOF campaign and Yahoo Finance deepened their partnership to work together on personal finance webinars, targeting those communities hardest hit, particularly minorities and women. The series featured celebrity finance gurus to answer viewer questions, policy experts to explain federal relief options, and helpful tips to stretch family budgets and set aside emergency savings. Each event drew more than 100,000 viewers.

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Leading into the 2020 Presidential Election, BPC and Yahoo Finance teamed up to bring viewers a four-part series of educational events to conclude each week’s Yahoo/HuffPost Special Coverage of the 2020 Election broadcast. These events addressed kitchen-table issues of concern to Americans: 1) COVID-19 economic relief, 2) taxes, 3) student debt, and 4) retirement security. The events were introduced by BPC experts explaining the state-of-play, followed by a bipartisan panel debate—moderated by a Yahoo Finance reporter. BPC drew upon its extensive rolodex to secure high-level panelists capable of making the best arguments, from both the right and left, and accurately represent the projected impacts of each presidential candidate’s policies. The events drew high interest on Yahoo Finance’s platform. The final webinar in the series—as an example—reached more than 115,000 viewers on its own, and a related article by Yahoo Finance anchor Adam Shapiro reached nearly half a million readers.

In December 2020, the partnership expanded during BPC’s multi-day policy event series, The Solutions Summit: Blueprint to Restore Economic Security for Working Families, to explore key issues facing America’s working families. Yahoo Finance was the event media partner for the Financial Resiliency session, simulcasting during their live broadcast.

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