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Wrapping up National Women’s Small Business Month

As National Women’s Small Business Month comes to a close, we wanted to highlight two areas where women entrepreneurs experience barriers to starting or growing their business.

BPC’s recent report on small business digitalization, Small Businesses Go Digital: Benefits, Trends, and Barriers of Digitalization, highlights how digital tools are helping small businesses grow and explores some of the challenges to greater adoption of digital technology. We look at how women business owners view some issues associated with digitalization, including some findings not previously reported. The data presented below comes from a July 2022 survey of 2,021 senior decision makers at U.S. small businesses with fewer than 100 employees.

In April, BPC conducted a poll with Morning Consult on the condition of working mothers emerging from the pandemic. Entrepreneurship is an opportunity for career advancement for many working mothers, however longstanding issues that have been exacerbated by the pandemic pose a complex barrier to those working mothers looking to either start or grow their businesses. It also poses a difficult question for policymakers on what the best solutions are to remove these barriers. The poll was conducted online between April 19-29, 2022, among a national sample of 2,500 mothers in the workforce, including 969 working mothers who wanted to start their own business and 425 who own a business. Working mothers are those who are currently employed women with children.

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