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We Still Care: Millennials Expected to Make a Splash this Voting Season

voters play a unique role in America’s political system. From the Vietnam War protests to Occupy Wall Street, college-age voters have been a powerful force in reform and change. Usually the champion of social issues, this demographic has historically been masterful at using media to their advantage and making a memorable splash in common culture. Today, with the millennial generation facing a critical election year choice, political chatter is as loud as ever on college campuses across the country.

One of the goals of the Bipartisan Policy Center’s (BPC) Annual Political Summit is to maintain and expand upon the political interests of younger Americans. The summit is held at Tulane University’s campus every year, making it accessible to New Orleans students. BPC brings in some of the biggest names in politics and media to discuss the toughest issues of the day—especially those that directly affect young voters and shape the future of our country. The summit attracts students from around the city and provides them with a rare opportunity to watch as pollsters, pundits, and strategists analyze the evolving political environment.

The 2008 presidential election demonstrated that younger voters were engaged and active in the political process. On Tulane’s campus and across New Orleans, the political spirit continues to shine bright. Students know that the issues matter—especially for those charged with being America’s next crop of leaders.

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BPC’s Fourth Annual Political Summit: Beyond the Ballot November 15, 2012

Marisa Bartolotta is a sophomore at Tulane University with a double major in political science and Social Policy and Practice and a minor in Spanish. Bartolotta serves as a student ambassador to BPC’s Fourth Annual Political Summit.

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Students know that the issues matter—especially for those charged with being America’s next leaders

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