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Top Blog Posts of 2011

BPC entered 2011 determined to use blogging as a tool to highlight staff work, promote the organization, and insert our unique viewpoint into the national debate. With original content now going up on a regular basis, we have boosted our online presence by rewarding returning visitors with fresh commentary on the issues of the day. The combination of a dedicated stable of contributors and a more prominent spot on the redesigned website have placed the Bipartisan Beat Blog among the most popular destinations on BPC’s site. To help commemorate the year that was, we have compiled the top ten most read BPC blog posts of 2011.

It comes as no surprise that in a year dominated by debt ceiling politics, the super committee and various deficit reduction plans, our list is heavy with posts on the budget sequester and August’s debt limit deadline. Other hot topics included entitlement reform, health information technology and housing policy:

  1. How the Sequester Works if the Joint Select Committee Fails (and the follow-up, Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Sequester)
  2. Bloomberg, PBS NewsHour and The Washington Post Publish Debt Limit Tools Using BPC Data
  3. The Super Committee’s Opportunity
  4. Chairman Ryan’s Budget: The Details
  5. The Domenici-Rivlin Medicare Plan Combines the Best of Obama’s and Ryan’s Approaches
  6. How Will the Federal Government Decide Who Gets Paid after August 2?
  7. BPC Report Highlights Dangers of Breaching Debt Ceiling “X Date”
  8. Housing Expert Forum: What are the most pressing issues in housing policy today?
  9. An Introduction to the Current Issues in Medicaid
  10. Building a Strong Foundation for America’s Health Care System Through Health Information Technology

More favorites by policy project:

Democracy Project

Ohio’s Redistricting Fight in the Foreground Ahead of 2012

Energy Project

BPC Hosts Briefing on EPA’s Utility MACT Rule Charting a Way Forward on Geoengineering

Housing Commission

Mel Martinez: Reassessing the Federal Government’s Role in Housing

National Security Project

The New IAEA Report: Beyond Weaponization Why Yemen’s Saleh Believes He Can Stay

National Security Preparedness Group

An Evolution in the National Security Threat from the Mexican Drug Cartels and Iran? Following al-Awlaki’s Death, Questions Remain for Counter-Terrorism Efforts in Yemen

Nutrition and Physical Activity Initiative

From Community Commons to the Federal Health Data Initiative, Power of Sharing on Display

Nutrition and Physical Activity Initiative Leadership Tours Salt Lake City

National Transportation Policy Project

A Plan for Achieving Wiser Investments in Transportation Senators Boxer and Inhofe Put Aside Differences for Transportation Reform


Rowe: Lead Somewhere Worth Going Lamar Alexander and a New Brand of Leadership

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