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The Bipartisan Family Guide: Thanksgiving 2020 Edition


This Thanksgiving, Americans from different generations, geographies and political views will sit down together to share meals, gifts, and most importantly quality time. Most will seek to avoid politics. We at the Bipartisan Policy Center suggest a different approach—and we’re here to help. Our family guide offers some practical ideas about how to bring Green New Dealers and MAGA enthusiasts together around the ideas that unite us all as Americans. If we can’t talk about the issues we care about with the people we care about, it’s hard to expect our elected leaders to do any better—and if things get heated, there’s always pie.

At BPC we try to walk the talk. Take a look at the pre-Thanksgiving Dinner we held with people from across the political spectrum. It was a great conversation that demonstrated the grace and mutual respect needed to get the country working again.

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