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Moving Forward with Consent-Based Siting for Nuclear Waste Facilities

Energy / Research September 27, 2016

An overhaul of nuclear waste management is required and a different approach should be taken to site future facilities, regardless of the fate of Yucca Mountain.

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Rep. Simpson and Energy Experts on a Long-Term Solution on Nuclear Waste

Energy / Press Release October 20, 2015

BPC’s council has met with industry and community leaders across the country to better understand the challenges and opportunities surrounding nuclear waste.

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BPC Announces Nuclear Waste Primer Series

Energy / Press Release July 16, 2015

BPC will release a series of issue briefs and infographics breaking down the current state of play on key issues in the debate around nuclear waste.

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A Week of Significant Nuclear Waste Developments

Energy / Blog April 1, 2015

DOE and the U.S. Senate both unveiled proposals to move forward on what BPC President Jason Grumet called the “icon of gridlock”: nuclear waste.

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NRC Report Finds Relevant Regulatory Requirements Satisfied

Energy / Blog October 16, 2014

Today, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission released the Safety Evaluation Report Volume 3: Repository Safety After Permanent Closure. The report documents the results of the NRC evaluation of the license application submitted by the Bush Administration in June 2008. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission…

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Storage and Disposal of Nuclear Waste Must Be Separated from the Economic and Political Debates

Energy / Blog October 2, 2014

Since the beginning of the civilian nuclear power program in the 1950s, the federal government has undertaken to dispose of all of the used nuclear fuel rods, the most radioactive waste from the nation’s commercial nuclear power plants. One can debate the wisdom of this unique commitment, which was formalized in a 1982 law and in subsequent contracts between the government and nuclear power plant owner. However, there can be no debate about its binding nature, at least as to reactors now in existence or under construction.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Nuclear Waste

Energy / Page August 25, 2014

How much spent nuclear fuel from nuclear power plants is stored in the United States? How do we currently store nuclear waste in the United States? Is it safe? How much nuclear waste would Yucca Mountain hold?

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