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Into the Abyss: Turkish Impressions of a U.S.-Turkish Break

Nicholas Danforth / Blog August 17, 2018

With Trump threatening more sanctions and Erdogan threatening to find other allies, Turkey may be forced to figure out what the alternatives are.

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Syria Choices Limit US Leverage with Turkey

Nicholas Danforth / Blog April 17, 2018

Russia has been willing to use its Syria policy as a form of leverage with Turkey, adjusting it as circumstances require to either punish or reward Ankara.

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More Reasons for Pessimism on U.S.-Turkish Relations

Nicholas Danforth / Blog March 19, 2018

Anyone in Ankara who is expecting the United States to recognize its own interests in regard to Turkey should also recognize the impediments Ankara has created.

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Explainer on Syria and U.N. Resolution 2401

Jessica Michek, Nicholas Danforth / Blog February 28, 2018

There is little chance this U.N. resolution will stem the ongoing catastrophe in Syria. Its dominant flaw is an over-simplification of the Syrian conflict

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Lessons from the 2010 Gaza Flotilla

National Security / Blog February 15, 2018

Turkish forces’ recent incursion into northwest Syria has further complicated an already extremely complex situation in Syria.

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Rising anti-Americanism in Turkey

Nicholas Danforth / Blog February 7, 2018

Turkish papers and politicians are presenting Turkey’s incursion into Syria as a battle against the United States itself.

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Is U.S. Finally Ready to Get Tough on Turkey?

Blaise Misztal, Jessica Michek / Blog February 7, 2018

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee’s closed hearing on Wednesday, February 7, “Turkey and the Way Ahead,” is almost certainly a reaction to the deterioration in U.S.-Turkish ties.

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How Willing is Erdogan to Risk His Relationship with America?

Nicholas Danforth / Blog January 18, 2018

With Washington deepening its commitment to the Syrian Democratic Forces, U.S. policymakers appear to have calculated that the fallout for the US-Turkish relationship will be manageable

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Beyond the Myth of Partnership: Rethinking U.S. Policy Toward Turkey

National Security / Research December 5, 2016

Erdogan’s need to consolidate power means that American attempts to mollify his concerns will not create a foundation for a workable relationship.

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Trump in the Middle East: A New Strategy or More of the Same?

Blaise Misztal / Blog November 9, 2016

When it comes to the Middle East, the transition from President Obama to President-elect Donald Trump may well exhibit just as much continuity as divergence.

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