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Democracy, Memory and Responsibility: An Interview with General Wojciech Jaruzelski

Blaise Misztal / Blog May 29, 2014

General Wojciech Jaruzelski, the Polish leader who passed away on May 25, 2014, was a paradox, a man torn between two worlds. He was the brutal enforcer of a totalitarian system and yet, eventually, tacitly consented to that system’s demise. But as a pivotal player in and witness to one of the most successful democratic transitions of the last quarter century, he also had a unique and still relevant perspective.

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CBO’s Updated Budget Projections—Not Much Has Changed

Steve Bell / Blog April 14, 2014

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) released the spring update of its baseline budget projections today. The news is mixed, but it tells more or less the same story as the past five CBO updates—things may be better in the short run, but real fiscal distress looms in the not-too-distant future.

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Five Times Congress Took Major Action in an Election Year

Michael Stubel / Blog January 29, 2014

Five occasions in the last half-century in which both sides came together and compromised for the good of the country.

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Bush, Obama, and the Power of Silence

Michael Stubel / Blog September 18, 2013

A former president capable of reaching an enormous audience has set down his microphone to avoid inflaming an already scorched political terrain.

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Dole on Baker and Baker on Dole

Bob Dole, Howard Baker / Blog March 21, 2012

Former Senate Majority Leaders Howard Baker and Bob Dole are co-founders of the Bipartisan Policy Center.

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