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Jason Grumet: When sunshine doesn’t always disinfect the government

Governance / News October 2, 2014

Despite the scars of past scandals, we must recognize that there are moments in government where the imperative for deliberation trumps the imperative for access.

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When sunshine doesn’t always disinfect the government

News / News October 2, 2014

This summer, 40 years after Richard Nixon resigned in disgrace over Watergate, the onetime White House counsel who famously called the scandal a “cancer on the presidency” surfaced with a new book. In “The Nixon Defense,” John Dean revisited the coverup with an examination of more than 600 additional tapes from Nixon’s secret recording system. The verdict: The 37th president was even guiltier than we all believed.

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Dole on Baker and Baker on Dole

Bob Dole, Howard Baker / Blog March 21, 2012

Former Senate Majority Leaders Howard Baker and Bob Dole are co-founders of the Bipartisan Policy Center.

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