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Water Affordability: The Federal State of Play

Infrastructure / Research July 25, 2018

This brief explores three policy levers the federal government has to address water affordability and the particular challenges they face in gaining bipartisan support.

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New White Paper Explores Water Affordability Challenges

Infrastructure / Press Release September 7, 2017

BPC’s Water Task Force offers policy options to ensure that disadvantaged communities have equitable access to critical water services.

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Safeguarding Water Affordability

Infrastructure / Research September 7, 2017

This paper dives into one of the most vexing problems for water systems in the United States: how to price water services to fully cover costs and maintain affordability for customers who already struggle to pay their bills.

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Hurricane Harvey and the Critical Importance of Stormwater Infrastructure

Jake Varn / Blog September 5, 2017

Any city, no matter how well-prepared, would have been overwhelmed by Hurricane Harvey, but it was Houston’s old and aging infrastructure that left it uniquely exposed.

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The Great American Rebuild

Infrastructure / Blog August 31, 2017

Among the most important challenges facing our nation today is the need to invest in infrastructure. Today, we are living at risk: driving on eroding roads and bridges, questioning whether our water is safe to drink, and falling behind economically. With these problems growing worse, it’s time for the Great American Rebuild.

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New Paper Tackles Need for Innovation in Water Systems

Infrastructure / Press Release August 16, 2017

The Bipartisan Policy Center’s Water Task Force released a new paper entitled Increasing Innovation in America’s Water Systems. This paper applies BPC’s previous recommendations on modernizing America’s infrastructure to the water sector, while exploring how to break down barriers to innovation, reduce costs, and improve health and environmental outcomes.

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Increasing Innovation in America’s Water Systems

Infrastructure / Research August 16, 2017

The infrastructure that collects, treats, and distributes drinking water, wastewater, and stormwater is aging. Meanwhile, affordability concerns have hit a critical juncture. This paper provides federal, state, and local recommendations while exploring how to break down barriers to innovation, reduce costs, and improve health and environmental outcomes.

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A Deep Dive on America’s Ports

Infrastructure / Blog July 27, 2017

As Congress and the administration work on creating a comprehensive infrastructure plan, it’s important for policymakers to consider the challenges and constraints ports face.

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Understanding America’s Water and Wastewater Challenges

Infrastructure / Research May 15, 2017

Water and wastewater systems across the country require critical repairs and upgrades. This paper reviews several types of water infrastructure along with some unique challenges and opportunities in addressing their affordability, funding, and financing.

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