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Fixing Washington’s Political Gridlock

/ News March 28, 2014

Frustration over political polarization and gridlock in Washington has been on the rise for years. It’s well documented in a slew of public opinion polls that show how little faith Americans have in their leaders to be able to compromise…

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Olympia Snowe and Victoria Kennedy: Washington can be fixed

Olympia Snowe, / News March 26, 2014

It has become routine to talk about the polarization in Washington leading to gridlock and dysfunction in Congress. But Washington need not be irretrievably broken.

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BPC/USA TODAY National Survey on Congress

Governance / Research March 25, 2014

Could there be an improvement in the way Americans view Congress? Our poll says yes if the institution itself is willing to make some changes into the way it currently operates.

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Partisanship is good. Partisanship works.

/ News March 24, 2014

It’s become accepted fact these days in that partisanship is ruining everything. But what if that’s not true?

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Susan Page: Divided we still stand – and getting used to it

/ News March 23, 2014

The sharp political divide that Americans say they hate may be becoming the new normal. A USA TODAY/Bipartisan Policy Center poll taken this month, the fourth in a year-long series, shows no change in the overwhelming consensus that U.S. politics…

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BPC/USA TODAY National Survey on the Electoral Process

Governance / Research October 16, 2013

The poll reflected an expected divide between self-identified Republicans and Democrats with the former prioritizing the integrity of the voting process and the latter focused on minimizing barriers to accessing the polls.

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Poll: Americans support fine-tuning election policy

/ News October 14, 2013

The capital’s shutdowns and showdowns have tested the patience even of the Senate chaplain. “Save us from the madness,” he prayed at the opening of one session last week. But how, exactly? The roots of the nation’s polarized and sometimes…

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National Commission on Political Reform Releases New Poll on American Attitudes Toward Public and Community Service at National Town Meeting

Governance / Press Release July 23, 2013

BPC’s Commission on Political Reform and USA TODAY released a national poll that shows Americans are interested in participating in public service, but are reluctant to run for and serve in public office.

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BPC/USA TODAY National Survey on Public Service

Governance / Research July 22, 2013

The poll reveals that Americans are more interested in community service, such as volunteering at a place of worship or school, than running for or serving in government office.

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BPC/USA TODAY National Survey on Political Polarization

Governance / Research March 6, 2013

The poll reveals a deeply polarized America where voters take their cues from the political parties with which they identify.

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