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Equity Crowdfunding: Promises and Challenges

Peter Grills, John Soroushian / Blog August 15, 2018

The equity crowdfunding market is still relatively new and needs time to mature before outcomes will become clear.

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Will the Trump White House Hold Agencies Accountable for Performance Improvements?

Nick Hart / Blog May 15, 2018

The new directive clarifies that the Trump administration intends to continue processes similar to those undertaken by recent Republican and Democratic administrations.

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Trump’s Management Agenda Proposes Data as a Strategic Asset

Nick Hart / Blog March 26, 2018

The Trump administration’s President’s Management Agenda recognizes that analyses of high quality data can advance the economy and improve government effectiveness.

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BPC Announces Focus on Management Excellence in Government

Matthew Weil / Blog December 21, 2016

BPC is launching its Management Excellence Tracker in early January 2017 to follow the progress in filling key Senate-confirmable management positions.

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Immigration and the Labor Force, Part II

Kenneth Megan / Blog September 21, 2015

Immigration helps to create and support jobs by spurring innovation, filling labor shortages and complementing the native-born workforce.

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