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Why an Accurate Census Count in 2020 Matters

Nick Hart, Meron Yohannes / Blog November 21, 2018

The Census Bureau’s efforts to better use technology and web-based approaches for the decennial census are long overdue.

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Why the American Public Should Trust Key National Statistics

Nick Hart, G. William Hoagland / Blog August 10, 2018

U.S. statistical agencies provide the foundation for much of the evidence building and knowledge generation that occurs in science and policy analysis

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President’s Government Reform Plan Includes Evidence Proposals

Press Release / Press Release June 21, 2018

While further discussion and planning are needed on the consolidation proposal, the goal to better coordinate evidence-building activities is promising.

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White House Roundtable Highlights Challenges and Successes for Government Data Uses

Nick Hart / Blog May 25, 2018

BPC participated in a roundtable convened at the White House on May 23 to discuss how government can better use its data to support government operations.

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How Does Information Sharing Between DHS and Other Non-Enforcement Executive Agencies Work?

National Security / Blog April 17, 2018

Keeping in mind the strict limitations on how census data can be used, immigrants should feel secure in participating in the census and immigration advocates should work to encourage participation.

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What the Budget Deal Means for Evidence-Based Activities

Nick Hart, Tim Shaw / Blog February 8, 2018

The bipartisan budget deal reached in the Senate this week contains provisions that are a step forward for evidence-based policymaking.

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Affordable housing, quality healthcare can let seniors age in place

Health / News November 9, 2016

One area that holds great bipartisan promise is more tightly connecting healthcare with the home to support America’s rapidly aging population.

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Looking Forward: The Future of U.S. Immigration

Lazaro Zamora / Blog November 2, 2015

As native-born population growth slows, immigration will continue to be a critical source of population growth which is necessary for a healthy economy.

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Housing Summit targets first-time buyers

Housing / News September 16, 2014

The disappearance of first-time home buyers and the stalling of the housing recovery are hot button issues among real estate and mortgage experts, as chronicled in the cover story of Saturday’s Real Estate section.

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The Financial Implications of an Aging America

Henry Cisneros / Blog July 29, 2014

The graying of America will force our nation’s leaders to rethink policies in fields ranging from health care to public safety to transportation. For housing policymakers, a major challenge will be responding to the needs of the overwhelming majority of seniors who will seek to age in place in their own homes and communities. 

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