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BPC’s American Energy Innovation Council Releases Recommendations

Jason Burwen, Stuart Iler / Blog February 24, 2015

Public investment in energy RD&D remains less than one-half of one percent of the annual nationwide energy bill.

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Restoring American Energy Innovation Leadership

Energy / Research February 23, 2015

The provision of safe, clean, affordable, and sustainable energy is one of the foremost tests America faces—and the current innovation investment is simply not up to the task.

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Govt. Role in Energy R&D Is Key Amid Challenging Times

Margot Anderson / Blog December 5, 2014

Yet again, Congress appears poised to pass a retroactive, one-year extension of the clean energy and research & development tax credits. But retroactive short-term extensions and underfunded R&D programs will not meet America’s energy challenges, or deliver on the remarkable…

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