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Putting Parents Front and Center

Linda Smith, Sarah Tracey / Blog October 5, 2018

As the emphasis placed on the importance of parents and parenting increases, access to supports, resources, and parent engagement opportunities should as well.

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The Momentum is Here and Paid Family Leave is Coming

Adrienne Schweer / Blog September 12, 2018

The challenge of finding paid leave is real, and not just for teachers. Only 15% of Americans have a paid family leave benefit, which is defined as paid time off for maternity, paternity, caring for an ailing or sick family member, or caring for themselves through serious illness or a major injury.

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BPC Launches New Task Force on Paid Family Leave

Education / Press Release May 29, 2018

BPC’s Task Force on Paid Family Leave aims to forge an effective national policy—one that is equal to the difficult realities of our time and designed to ease the burden on working American families.

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