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Bipartisan Bill Aims for Federal Student Loan Disclosures Anyone Can Understand

Kenneth Megan / Blog November 7, 2017

Helping borrowers navigate the complicated student loan system is an area ripe for more bipartisan initiatives.

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Education Department’s New Loan-Servicing Plan: A Dicey Prospect

Kenneth Megan, Jake Varn / Blog July 20, 2017

Student loan servicing is not without problems, but it is unclear whether the Education Department’s new approach will actually improve the system.

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The Hidden Impact of International Students

Jake Varn / Blog April 11, 2017

If U.S. institutions have lost their luster among international students, more than just academic prestige would be at stake.

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Managing the Costs of Higher Education

Kenneth Megan, Ben Ritz / Blog August 2, 2016

A toxic combination of low repayment rates and high loan volumes could soon place a significant strain on the federal budget resulting in increasing public debt.

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Policy Changes Can Keep Higher Education Accessible, Affordable

Governance / Press Release September 25, 2015

Changes to the federal student loan program can increase competition, transparency and innovation in higher education.

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Key Objectives for the Reauthorization of the Higher Education Act

Governance / Research September 25, 2015

The costs of college tuition and room-and-board are skyrocketing, putting additional pressure on federal support and requiring many students to assume even greater debt burdens.

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Income Share Agreements: A Private Market for Debt-Free College

Kenneth Megan, Shai Akabas / Blog September 2, 2015

As tuition climbs and student debt balloons, ISAs have the potential to lower risks facing borrowers by offering fixed payments and avoiding heavy debt burdens.

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Higher Education Reforms Aim for Greater Accountability

Kenneth Megan / Blog August 5, 2015

A lack of oversight has led to a serious accountability gap, with institutions remaining largely “off-the-hook” for poor student outcomes.

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The $1.2 Trillion Problem Hurting Americans’ Savings

Kelly Isom, Kenneth Megan, Mark White / Blog June 10, 2015

One-third of those with federal student loans in repayment are more than 90 days delinquent, and trends point to delayed homeownership and retirement savings.

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Moving the Homeownership Needle

Mel Martinez / Blog November 20, 2014

As generations of Americans can attest, homeownership, when responsibly undertaken, can be a powerful wealth-building and community-strengthening tool.

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