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Steve Bell: The sequester strikes back

Economy / News April 6, 2018

Do we simply assume investors will buy American sovereign debt forever?

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Video: Discussing the Recent Budget Agreement

Economy / Blog February 8, 2018

BPC experts discuss the recent budget agreement and what it means for defense, deficits, and the debt limit. 

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Steve Bell: They Voted for Caps. Now They Want More Defense Spending

Economy / News February 5, 2018

Sequestration was supposed to be so simple, but all it did was make a giant mess for defense.

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Steve Bell: As Military Budget Grows, Civil-Military Divide Remains

National Security / News January 22, 2018

Current defense policies risk alienating servicemembers and potential recruits.

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Steve Bell: Defense Spending Approaches Moment of Reckoning

Economy / News November 27, 2017

Big hike unlikely as defense hawks face off against deficit hawks.

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Steve Bell: Paul Ryan has a lot of questions to answer when it comes to tax reform

Economy / News August 23, 2017

BPC’s Steve Bell writes on The Hill about Paul Ryan’s plans for tax reform.

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Gillibrand, Cotton Bill Would Help Military Families

National Security / Press Release June 26, 2017

The ACCESS legislation addresses one of the important objections families often have to military service—lack of child care facilities.

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Debt Ceiling Is Again a Battleground

Economy / News June 14, 2017

BPC’s Steve Bell discusses the debt limit.

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Reconciliation for Debt Limit Double-Edged Sword for GOP

Economy / News June 7, 2017

BPC’s Steve Bell discusses reconciliation and debt limit suspension.

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Defense Spending Proposal Falls Short

National Security / Press Release May 23, 2017

President Trump’s Fiscal Year 2018 defense budget falls short of achieving the goals that senior congressional policymakers advocated earlier this year and will not meet necessary increases in readiness, weapons, and troop levels. The president’s defense request is $42 billion…

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