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Analysis: New High-Skilled Immigration Reform Bills

Lazaro Zamora / Blog January 29, 2015

Two groups of bipartisan senators introduced legislation to increase higher-skilled, employment-based immigration through several reforms to the legal immigration system.

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Obama’s Executive Action on Immigration Explained

Lazaro Zamora / Blog November 25, 2014

President Obama announced a series of administrative changes to the immigration system.

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John Chen on immigration policy: An annual April Fool’s joke on U.S. companies

Immigration / News April 16, 2014

A technology-driven economy requires a labor force with a strong complement of highly skilled workers trained in the “STEM” fields: science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

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CBO Continues to Show Economic Benefit of Immigration Reform with SKILLS Visa Act Analysis

Lazaro Zamora / Blog March 18, 2014

Paul Stern contributed to this post. Last week, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) released its cost estimate for H.R. 2131, the Supplying Knowledge-based Immigrants and Lifting Levels of STEM Visa Act (SKILLS Visa Act), in conjunction with the Joint Committee…

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