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Ryan Right on Need for Rules Reform

Governance / Press Release October 29, 2015

In the past few weeks, Speaker Ryan has made clear that he believes the current legislative system is broken and needs changing.

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Will the Next Speaker Open Up Floor Debate?

Governance / Press Release October 21, 2015

BPC found that 37 bills were considered under closed rules, 29 under partially open rules, and only six under open rules.

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Speaker Boehner Showed Statesmanship in Trying Times

Press Release / Press Release September 25, 2015

In more than 20 years in Congress, Speaker Boehner has demonstrated a unique ability to solve problems without compromising principles.

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Obama and Boehner Agree on Need for Criminal Justice Reform

Blog / Blog July 29, 2015

Senator John Cornyn indicated that members of a bipartisan working group in the Judiciary Committee are “remarkably close” to a deal on legislation.

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What We’re Reading: Immigration in the Midterm Elections, History of Executive Action on Immigration

Theresa Cardinal Brown, Matt Graham / Blog October 28, 2014

As midterm elections near, several outlets are analyzing the role of immigration in races around the country.

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A Senate Compromise on the VA Scandal: A Crisis Compels Collaboration

Jason Grumet / Blog June 17, 2014

The finger-pointing in the VA scandal has been bipartisan. Thankfully, the same is holding true in the initial search for solutions.

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Brett Loper Joins the Bipartisan Policy Center as a Senior Advisor

Economy / Press Release February 10, 2014

BPC is pleased to announce that Brett Loper is joining the organization as a senior advisor. In this role, he will advise the work of BPC projects, including the Economic Policy Project. Most recently, Loper was deputy chief of staff to Speaker John Boehner.

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Embers of Pragmatism: A Hopeful Sign for the New Year

Jason Grumet / Blog January 1, 2014

Pragmatic leadership has long been the foundation of American democracy and the source of our political stability. After a year of unseemly partisan wrangling – with the extremes of both parties holding hostage issues ranging from entitlement and tax reform to judicial…

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