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Bill Hoagland Discusses Budget Deadline, Sequester

Economy / News September 14, 2015

BPC Senior Vice President Bill Hoagland talked about the current status of the federal budget and congressional options for addressing sequestration.

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Sequestration becomes 2016 buzzword

Economy / News September 6, 2015

Many of the GOP candidates argue that the spending cuts have weakened the military and hurt America’s ability to combat threats around the globe.

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Summer spending fight looms

Economy / News May 10, 2015

Congress faces rough waters ahead on government spending, with less than five months before the annual deadline to pass a full slate of appropriations bills.

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GOP Budget Workarounds Raise Ire of Fiscal Hawks

Economy / News April 28, 2015

Some lawmakers say effort to avoid unpopular spending cuts relies on gimmicks.

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GOP’s competing priorities exposed in budget brawl

Economy / News March 30, 2015

GOP lawmakers have sparred over a comparatively small sliver of war funding in congressional budget debates.

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GOP to Stick to Sequester Spending Limits in 2016 Budget

Economy / News March 10, 2015

Republican leaders are expected to unveil House and Senate budgets next week that will hew to spending curbs enacted four years ago.

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Coming Budget Poses Test for GOP

Economy / News February 8, 2015

Republicans are looking to do something that hasn’t been accomplished since 1996: funnel a budget through Congress and then pass timely appropriations bills.

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Can Republicans govern? Budget 2016 could be biggest test.

Economy / News February 3, 2015

Republican leaders vow to show that they can govern effectively by following through on a budget. But that will take compromises both within the Republican caucus and with the president.

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VIDEO: BPC’s Bill Hoagland on President Obama’s Budget Proposal

Economy / News February 2, 2015

BPC’s Bill Hoagland talked about President Obama’s 2016 budget proposal and CBO figures predicting a $468 billion deficit for the coming year.

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5 of 10 lawmakers who talked most about budgets no longer in Congress

Economy / News February 2, 2015

President Obama’s budget may allow relatively new lawmakers their first crack at working seriously on a budget.

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