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CBO Issues Stark Warning that Deficits Are Increasing Again

Ben Ritz / Blog January 27, 2016

Fiscal projections now look substantially worse than they did just last year, let alone in 2010, when a new Congress was elected on campaign promises to rein in deficits.

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Bill Hoagland Discusses Budget Deadline, Sequester

Economy / News September 14, 2015

BPC Senior Vice President Bill Hoagland talked about the current status of the federal budget and congressional options for addressing sequestration.

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Sequestration becomes 2016 buzzword

Economy / News September 6, 2015

Many of the GOP candidates argue that the spending cuts have weakened the military and hurt America’s ability to combat threats around the globe.

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Proposal for Improving the Congressional Budget Process

Pete V. Domenici, Alice M. Rivlin / Research July 17, 2015

Washington has lurched from one crisis to another and kept the government running by means of continuing resolutions and massive appropriations bills.

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Into the Danger Zone: Sequestration and Troop Levels

Steve Bell, Mark White / Blog July 10, 2015

The reckless fiscal policy known as sequestration is about to claim another victim.

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Congress Should Find Long-term Solution, Not Tricks to Avoid Defense Caps

Shai Akabas, Ben Ritz, Mark White / Blog June 22, 2015

More and more, standard operating procedure in Congress seems to employ “creative” accounting methods to game the system and get around defense spending caps.

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Summer spending fight looms

Economy / News May 10, 2015

Congress faces rough waters ahead on government spending, with less than five months before the annual deadline to pass a full slate of appropriations bills.

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BPC Applauds Completion of Budget Plan, But Bipartisan Concessions are Needed for a Deal

Economy / Press Release May 5, 2015

This is the first time in six years that a budget conference blueprint has been agreed to by Congress.

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GOP Budget Workarounds Raise Ire of Fiscal Hawks

Economy / News April 28, 2015

Some lawmakers say effort to avoid unpopular spending cuts relies on gimmicks.

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GOP’s competing priorities exposed in budget brawl

Economy / News March 30, 2015

GOP lawmakers have sparred over a comparatively small sliver of war funding in congressional budget debates.

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