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A Simple Fix to Maintain FSOC’s Insurance Expertise

Justin Schardin / Blog May 16, 2017

Dodd-Frank does not include many of the details that are defined for the other voting members of FSOC, including anything on the Independent Member’s specific duties.

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Nominations Backlog Grows

Finance / News August 14, 2015

Gridlock hampers the Obama administration’s ability to fill financial posts in a timely manner.

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Key regulatory job created at Federal Reserve still vacant after 5 years

Finance / News July 24, 2015

President Obama has yet to nominate anyone to be the Fed’s new vice chair for supervision, frustrating some lawmakers and industry officials.

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Regional Feds’ head-hunting under scrutiny over insider bias, delays

Finance / News July 2, 2015

Efforts to fill top positions at Federal Reserve branches are casting a spotlight on a process that critics say is opaque, favors insiders, and is ripe for reform.

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Not Far to Look: Fed’s Newest President Searched, Found Himself

Finance / News June 3, 2015

Patrick Harker, who takes over July 1 as president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, had some advantages over his rivals for the job.

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Hiring a New York Fed Chief Could Take a While

Finance / News May 13, 2015

A study by the Bipartisan Policy Center found that it has taken an average 240 days for presidents to decide on a nominee for an financial regulatory position.

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GE Looks to Check Out of ‘Hotel California’ of Added Federal Oversight

Finance / News April 10, 2015

General Electric Co.’s decision to slim down its GE Capital unit poses the first real-world test of whether a “systemically important financial institution” can ever jettison that label.

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Did Dodd-Frank Create a ‘Hotel California’?

Finance / News March 25, 2015

Once a U.S. company is designated a “systemically important financial institution,” is there anything it can do to shake that label?

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Yellen Faces Congress Amid Direst Threat to Fed Since Dodd-Frank

Finance / News February 23, 2015

Lawmakers from both parties are demanding greater transparency and accountability from the Federal Reserve.

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Window closing for Obama to fill Federal Reserve board

Finance / News September 11, 2014

President Obama is close to missing a significant opportunity to influence monetary and regulatory policy for years to come. With Congress running out the few legislative days it has before the November elections, Obama has not nominated candidates for the…

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