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John Soroushian & Justin Schardin: Bipartisanship Still Exists and Financial Reform Is Proof

Finance / News December 4, 2017

Senate bill isn’t perfect, but it can have a lasting effect.

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A Simple Fix to Maintain FSOC’s Insurance Expertise

Justin Schardin / Blog May 16, 2017

Dodd-Frank does not include many of the details that are defined for the other voting members of FSOC, including anything on the Independent Member’s specific duties.

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The Impact of the 2016 Elections on GSE Reform

Michael A. Stegman / Blog November 18, 2016

While the election has surely changed the dynamics of housing finance reform, it is too early in the transition to know in exactly what ways.

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How Much Capital Is Enough?

Michael A. Stegman / Blog August 15, 2016

Lawmakers must strive to find the sweet spot between protecting taxpayers against another government bailout and providing broad and affordable access to credit.

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Building on the Johnson-Crapo Consensus

Michael A. Stegman / Blog August 3, 2016

The Johnson-Crapo bill should serve as a starting point as stakeholders prepare for a renewed debate about the future of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

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Federal Reserve Districts: A Lot Can Change in a Century

Aaron Klein / Blog March 1, 2016

If Congress wants to seriously revisit the structure of the Federal Reserve, reforming the regional reserve banks is a good place to start.

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Nominations Backlog Grows

Finance / News August 14, 2015

Gridlock hampers the Obama administration’s ability to fill financial posts in a timely manner.

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Federal Reserve Dividends Should Not Be a Piggy Bank for Congress

Aaron Klein, Kristofer Readling / Blog July 27, 2015

Tinkering with the Federal Reserve’s system to fund current congressional spending initiatives sets a dangerous precedent and is bad policy.

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Key regulatory job created at Federal Reserve still vacant after 5 years

Finance / News July 24, 2015

President Obama has yet to nominate anyone to be the Fed’s new vice chair for supervision, frustrating some lawmakers and industry officials.

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Regional Feds’ head-hunting under scrutiny over insider bias, delays

Finance / News July 2, 2015

Efforts to fill top positions at Federal Reserve branches are casting a spotlight on a process that critics say is opaque, favors insiders, and is ripe for reform.

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