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Letter to Senate Finance Chronic Care Working Group

The transition away from fee-for-service to more coordinated systems of care will benefit beneficiaries across the Medicare program, and particularly those living with chronic conditions.

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What We’re Reading in Infrastructure, June 19

Infrastructure / Blog June 19, 2015

The staff of BPC’s Executive Council on Infrastructure share some recent publications, speeches, and testimony relevant to infrastructure policy and finance.

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How Tax Reform Could Make Wind, Solar and Natural Gas Power More Expensive

Jason Burwen / Blog April 15, 2015

In recent years, several members of Congress have proposed comprehensive tax reforms, all of which would affect the cost of electricity.

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IRS Commissioner Stresses Importance of Tax Clarity

Economy / Blog October 30, 2014

Both the long-term fiscal health of our country and the short-term functioning of our government depend on clear tax policy emanating from Congress.

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Senate Finance Committee Holds Hearing on Retirement Savings Reform

Shai Akabas, Brian Collins / Blog September 24, 2014

The Senate Finance Committee hearing comes just months after BPC officially launched its Commission on Retirement Security and Personal Savings.

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BPC Comments on Improving Accessibility and Utility of Health Care Data

Janet M. Marchibroda, Katherine Hayes / Research August 12, 2014

Access to information about the patient helps inform clinical decision-making at the point of care and between visits.

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Why is BPC Launching a Personal Savings Initiative?

Shai Akabas, Brian Collins / Blog April 22, 2014

On Wednesday morning, the Bipartisan Policy Center will launch the Personal Savings Initiative (register to join us here). The initiative will be led by former Senator Kent Conrad, who served as chairman of the Senate Budget Committee, and James Lockhart, who served as deputy commissioner of the Social Security Administration and other key roles in the executive branch. Their effort will be supported by a bipartisan commission of nationally recognized experts who will examine legislative and regulatory avenues to improve Americans’ personal savings and retirement security.

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Energy Bill Tracker

Stuart Iler / Blog January 7, 2014

View and sort energy-related bills introduced in the 113th Congress and moving forward. The tracker presents information about each bill that spans three broad categories: identification, sponsorship, and recent actions.

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A Policy Forum on the Use of Big Data in Health Care

Health / Research December 3, 2013

BPC’s Health Innovation Initiative held a policy forum in collaboration with Intel to explore the potential that “big data” holds to improve both the delivery of care and the health and wellness of individuals.

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We Couldn’t Agree More: Phasing Out the Production Tax Credit and Other Energy Subsidies

Energy / Blog November 14, 2013

BPC believes a phase-out of the renewables production tax credit must accompany a phase-out of all energy-specific tax expenditures

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