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A New Technology May Revolutionize Privacy-Preserving Data Analysis: Secure Multi-Party Computation

Nick Hart, Kira Fatherree / Blog August 24, 2018

Secure multi-party computation technology allows data analysis and the sharing of a result without actually sharing any underlying sensitive data

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Bipartisan Bill Would Move Millions Closer to Retirement Security

Economy / Press Release March 15, 2018

The bipartisan Retirement Enhancement and Savings Act (RESA) introduced in the House of Representatives marks an important step toward helping millions of Americans achieve retirement security.

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Bipartisanship in Action: Senate Finance Leaders Reach Deal to Extend Children’s Health Insurance Program

Health / Press Release September 13, 2017

BPC President Jason Grumet’s statement regarding the bipartisan agreement to extend the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) for five years.

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Caring for High-Need, High-Cost Medicare Patients

Health / Research February 9, 2017

Research suggests that for high-need, high-cost patients the application of non-clinical interventions and other social supports can improve health outcomes.

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A Guide to Infrastructure Bonds

Sarah Kline / Blog January 24, 2017

Given America’s broad needs and the wide range of potential investors in infrastructure bonds, financing options should include all of the above.

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Answering the Infrastructure Finance FAQs

Sarah Kline / Blog January 6, 2017

To craft an infrastructure package that meets America’s broad needs, policymakers will have to determine the appropriate balance between funding and financing.

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Ways to Expand Savings Options for Employees

Shai Akabas / Blog December 8, 2016

The unanimous support from the Senate Finance Committee for the RESA gives hope that policymakers can take meaningful action to improve retirement security.

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Why Tax Credits Alone Won’t Solve Infrastructure Funding Gap

Sarah Kline / Blog November 30, 2016

Tax credits are just one way of bringing in private capital and they do not eliminate the need for stable, long-term federal infrastructure funding.

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House and Senate Bills Seek to Improve Retirement Security in America

Ashley Ridlon / Blog November 18, 2016

New bills would advance important goals, such as protecting retirement savings, simplifying account rules, and facilitating lifetime-income options.

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Senate Draft Proposal Offers Promise for America’s Chronically Ill

Health / Press Release October 28, 2016

The proposal recognizes the complex needs of those with multiple chronic conditions and has the potential to improve health care quality and reduce costs.

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