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5 Questions for Next Secretary of State About Syria

Nicholas Danforth / Blog April 11, 2018

Mike Pompeo’s upcoming confirmation hearings for the top role at the State Department offer a unique opportunity to bring clarity to one of the most vital challenges facing the White House today.

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Potential Blindspot for U.S. in Embassy Move to Jerusalem: Turkey-Israel Relations

National Security / Blog March 23, 2018

If the embassy move opens a new rift between Turkey and Israel – two longtime American allies in the region – it will be a setback for U.S. interests.

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Did Tillerson Save US-Turkey Ties?

Nicholas Danforth / Blog February 23, 2018

If nothing else, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s visit to Ankara last week staved off a looming crisis in U.S.-Turkish relations.

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Lessons from the 2010 Gaza Flotilla

National Security / Blog February 15, 2018

Turkish forces’ recent incursion into northwest Syria has further complicated an already extremely complex situation in Syria.

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Tea for the Tillerson: The Middle East Tour

Nicholas Danforth / Blog February 9, 2018

In the course of visits to Egypt, Kuwait, Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey, Tillerson will meet with other leaders of the anti-ISIS coalition with three main goals in mind.

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Is U.S. Finally Ready to Get Tough on Turkey?

Blaise Misztal, Jessica Michek / Blog February 7, 2018

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee’s closed hearing on Wednesday, February 7, “Turkey and the Way Ahead,” is almost certainly a reaction to the deterioration in U.S.-Turkish ties.

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