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Tackling America’s Affordable Rental Housing Crisis

Housing / Press Release February 22, 2017

The new administration and Congress should make additional investments in federal rental assistance programs and affordable rental supply a priority.

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Forging an Enduring Bipartisan Consensus on Affordable Rental Housing

Housing / Research February 22, 2017

Policymakers have an opportunity to forge an enduring bipartisan consensus on affordable rental housing. There is more agreement between the two political parties than one might think. The question is whether lawmakers can find the political will to devote to the effort and the resources to make significant progress.

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Housing More People More Effectively through a Dynamic Housing Policy

Housing / Research December 17, 2014

In a world of limited public funding, how can the United States substantially increase the number of households benefiting from stable, affordable housing?

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BPC-Commissioned Paper Charts New Course for a More Dynamic Housing Policy

Housing / Press Release December 17, 2014

Despite existing budgetary constraints, the paper explores how it may be possible to substantially increase the number of households benefitting from stable, affordable housing.

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Perspectives on the Future of Multifamily Housing

Housing / Blog November 24, 2014

Although the single-family housing recovery has been slow, the multifamily sector continues to be red hot.

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Perspectives on RAD: Renee Lewis Glover

Housing / Blog November 6, 2014

Unfortunately, an unintended but very likely consequence of RAD will be to freeze or lock-in concentrated poverty environments for at least a 20-year period.

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Perspectives on RAD: Sharon Wilson Géno

Housing / Blog November 5, 2014

RAD provides a tool to protect and preserve the homes of the nearly 3 million people who call public housing home.

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Perspectives on RAD: Patrick Costigan

Housing / Blog November 4, 2014

When most of Washington is searching for scarce budget resources to deal with non-headline making challenges, one approach seems worthy of more attention.

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Pam Patenaude: We need to face the looming rental crisis right now

Housing / News June 10, 2014

If you doubt our country suffers from a severe shortage of affordable rental housing, consider this number: 4.9 million. That is the difference between the 11.8 million renters with extremely low incomes (at or below 30% of the area median)…

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What We’re Reading: May 22

Michael Stubel / Blog May 22, 2013

Throughout the week, the BPC Housing Commission highlights news items that address critical developments in housing policy. Any views expressed in the content posted on this forum do not necessarily represent the views of the Commission, its co-chairs or the…

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