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New Bill Has Potential to Put Social Security on Sustainable Path

Shai Akabas / Blog December 9, 2016

Reps. Johnson, Larson, and Ribble are providing an important public service by keeping a focus on Social Security’s serious funding issues.

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Bipartisan Support in Congress Increases for Long-Term SCORE Act

Hannah Martin / Blog November 24, 2015

The Long-Term SCORE Act would allow for a more complete accounting of the potential costs and benefits of prevention policies.

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Biennial Budgeting Could Help Ease Logjam

Ben Ritz / Blog August 11, 2015

When Congress fails in performing its most basic function of adopting a budget, reform is necessary.

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Congress Goes Off-Road with Highway Funding Bill

Ben Ritz / Blog June 16, 2015

Spending on transportation in the U.S. has been run off the road by policymakers who have neglected to arrange a sustainable source of revenue.

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Will a Two-Year Budget End Fiscal Fights?

/ News February 12, 2014

News alert for Washington’s budget mavens: While the spotlight was riveted on the House action Tuesday to raise the debt ceiling, the House Budget Committee was quietly endorsing a measure that eventually may produce a dramatic overhaul of the byzantine…

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