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BPC Task Force Applauds Volcker Alliance Report

Finance / Press Release April 20, 2015

BPC applauds the release of a new paper, “Reshaping the Financial Regulatory System,” by The Volcker Alliance, a group led by former Federal Reserve Board Chairman Paul Volcker.

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The Bipartisan Policy Center Applauds Lawmakers for Provisions in CROmnibus

Finance / Press Release December 10, 2014

Congress is set to vote on legislation that enacts key recommendations from BPC on how to improve financial regulation and oversight.

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What We’re Reading in Financial Regulatory Reform: April 17

Finance / Blog April 17, 2014

Modernizing Our Regulatory Structure
By Richard H. Neiman and Mark Olson, Co-Chairs of the Financial Regulatory Reform Initiative’s Regulatory Architecture Task Force, Bipartisan Policy Center

“Streamlining America’s financial regulatory architecture was a major missed opportunity in the Dodd-Frank Act. Our existing structure is a patchwork of reactions to past financial crises that date back more than 150 years. Modernizing this patchwork system would improve regulation, enhance financial stability and increase economic growth. Today, we propose a road map for how to achieve these goals.” Read the op-ed here and BPC’s report Dodd-Frank’s Missed Opportunity: A Road Map for a More Effective Regulatory Architecture here.

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How the Financial Regulatory Structure Resembles the College Bowl System

Justin Schardin / Blog April 15, 2014

Complex systems are rarely designed from scratch. Governmental oversight structures often evolve through a series of reactions to crises, profit opportunities, and new technologies, not to mention scandals and other high-profile news events.

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Dodd-Frank’s Missed Opportunity: A Road Map for a More Effective Regulatory Architecture

Finance / Research April 10, 2014

The United States needs a financial regulatory system that is both effective and efficient, and one that will not be a significant contributor to the next crisis

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