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Jason Grumet: How America Forgot ‘Never Forget’

National Security / News September 10, 2018

The 9/11 Commission warned us once. Let it be a lesson again.

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Why Are Families Being Separated at the Border?

Immigration / Blog June 13, 2018

Explaining the new “zero-tolerance policy” against illegal entry into the United States implemented by the Department of Justice and Department of Homeland Security.

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Fact Sheet: Military on the Border

Theresa Cardinal Brown / Blog April 12, 2018

This fact sheet presents basic information about the use of the United States Armed Forces to secure the border.

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Rescission, What’s That?

Economy / Blog April 10, 2018

While it is unusual for a president to seek a rescission, Congress itself regularly does rescission packages within annual supplemental appropriations.

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Federal Prosecutions of Illegal Immigrants

Cristobal Ramón / Blog March 27, 2018

The higher number of immigrants in federal prison is not proof of higher rates of overall criminality among immigrants, but ultimately is a product of a decade of more prosecutions of immigrants for illegal immigration.

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Presidential Evidence Initiatives

Nick Hart / Research March 2, 2018

The evidence initiatives over the past 20 years suggest that future initiatives aimed at improving government’s effectiveness can certainly be better.

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The First Year of Nominations

Matthew Weil / Blog January 22, 2018

After one year in office, the current administration has nominated for and filled through confirmation fewer key appointed management positions than either of its two predecessors.

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Don’t Lose Sight of Why CFPB Was Created

Justin Schardin, John Soroushian / Blog December 12, 2017

No matter how the legal struggle over control of CFPB is decided, the next director should start with a balanced view of the agency.

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Oversight Expert Dan Blair Joins BPC as Senior Counselor

Governance / Press Release October 10, 2017

Dan G. Blair, former president and CEO of the National Academy of Public Administration, has joined the Bipartisan Policy Center as a senior counselor to the Democracy Project

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Management Excellence Tracker

Governance / Blog August 16, 2017

The report covers about 50 key Senate-confirmable management positions from nomination through Senate review to confirmation for the three most recent presidential administrations.

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