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#26: Remembering George H.W. Bush

Governance / Podcast December 7, 2018

Beyond saying goodbye to a President George H.W. Bush, there is a sense that we are bidding farewell to a bygone political era that was marked by partnership instead of partisanship.

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#25 Post-Election Recap

Governance / Podcast November 9, 2018

BPC President Jason Grumet shares how the results of the midterm elections will affect the policy agenda in 2019 and beyond, and how BPC fits into a new political dynamic.

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#24 The Migrant Caravan

Immigration / Podcast October 26, 2018

The migrant caravan, what is it, who’s in it, and what does it tell us about our immigration system. Jordan sits down with Cris Ramon to get in to all of that.

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#15 The Opioid Crisis: How We Got Here

Health / Podcast May 25, 2018

The nation’s opioid crisis: how it’s affecting people and communities, and what Congress and the Trump administration are doing to solve it.

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#14 What’s an AUMF?

National Security / Podcast April 27, 2018

Policy analyst Jessica Michek joins host Jordan LaPier to explain the role of Congress in authorizing military action in the context of the ongoing fight against ISIS and the recent airstrikes in Syria.

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#13 Coming Soon: $1 Trillion Deficits

Economy / Podcast April 13, 2018

This week the Congressional Budget Office released new projections that federal budget deficits are expected to exceed $1 trillion by 2020. What does this mean and how did we get here?

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#12 Do Immigrants Commit More Crimes?

Immigration / Podcast March 30, 2018

A recent Trump administration report pointed to federal prison data to suggest that immigrants commit crimes at higher rates than native-born Americans.

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#11 Changing SNAP

Health / Podcast March 16, 2018

The SNAP is up for reauthorization this year in the 2018 Farm Bill which provides the opportunity to change SNAP. Experts unpack newly released BPC recommendations that aim to leverage SNAP.

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#10 Defining Gerrymandering

Governance / Podcast February 23, 2018

What exactly constitutes gerrymandering? And is this as big of a problem as we think it is? Jordan LaPier discusses all of this and more with BPC Associate Director Matt Weil. 

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#09 The Future of America’s Infrastructure

Infrastructure / Podcast January 26, 2018

BPC senior policy analyst Andy Winkler sits down with Jordan LaPier to unravel what’s in the president’s plan to rebuild the country’s infrastructure.

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