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Congress Underwhelms on Legislative Process

Governance / Press Release August 15, 2016

As attention shifts to the campaign trail, Congress has not improved with respect to the number of working days and the openness of the legislative process.

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Congress Continuing Toward Improved Effectiveness

Governance / Press Release July 21, 2015

Congress continues to show promising progress, especially with upticks in the number of working days in session and amendments considered in the Senate.

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Healthy Congress Index: Congress’ Mid-Year Review

Governance / Press Release July 14, 2015

Early this year, congressional leaders promised a more open and better-functioning legislative process, but is Congress actually living up to those promises?

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Toward Productive Partisanship: Congress’ Mid-Year Review

Governance / July 21, 2015 11:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. ET

BPC released the second installment of the index and hosted a discussion of the work that remains to be done on CPR’s recommendations.

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BPC Launches “Healthy Congress Index”

Governance / Press Release April 20, 2015

The new Congress is showing signs of life after its first three months in session, according to the inaugural quarterly installment of BPC’s Healthy Congress Index.

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Signs of Congressional Life

Jason Grumet / Blog April 13, 2015

While there is much work left to do, the fact that Congress is making meaningful progress on a complex issue is cause for guarded optimism.

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BPC, Georgetown to Explore Intersection of Business, Government and Society

Governance / Press Release March 27, 2015

BPC and Georgetown University will collaborate on projects, events and student opportunities.

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Bipartisan Tip Sheet – February 2015

Blog / Blog February 9, 2015

A monthly roundup of events featuring Bipartisan Policy Center founders, senior fellows, project leaders and staff.

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As New Congress Begins, Snowe and Glickman Discuss Prospects for a Better-Functioning Legislature

Governance / Press Release January 15, 2015

Snowe and Glickman will discuss whether leaders can keep those promises, what further steps they should take to restore a functioning Congress and how to re-engage Americans in the political process.

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Bipartisan Tip Sheet – January 2015

Blog / Blog January 14, 2015

A monthly roundup of events featuring Bipartisan Policy Center founders, senior fellows, project leaders and staff

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