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Supreme Court Punts on Redistricting Reform, Now Up To Voters

Matthew Weil / Blog June 19, 2018

The Supreme Court’s ruling in Benisek and Gill means redistricting reform will need to come from the voters and their representatives directly.

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Ohio Adds to List of States with Online Voter Registration

Michael Thorning / Blog June 15, 2016

Governor John Kasich signed the bill into law after it passed both chambers of the Ohio General Assembly with strong bipartisan support.

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Bipartisan Redistricting Takes a Big Step Forward in Ohio

Matthew Weil / Blog December 15, 2014

There is too much distrust of the electoral system and many reasons to account for why. But one of the causes we have heard more about than any other is the way in which legislative districts are drawn.

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Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted, Electoral Policy Experts to Discuss Ohio’s Electoral System

Governance / Press Release December 8, 2014

As Ohio continues to explore ways to make its electoral system a national model, Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted will outline his vision for making redistricting reform a reality in 2015.

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Not a Tsunami – Yet

Steve Bell / Blog November 15, 2013

Large defense contractors indicate that reductions in labor force of as much as 20% have been implemented over the past three years

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Connecting Housing and Health Care

Henry Cisneros / Blog October 28, 2013

With our nation’s health care system entering a period of substantial change as the Affordable Care Act goes into effect, understanding the deep connection between housing and health care has never been more important.

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Modernizing Election Administration: “Make it Easy to Vote, Hard to Cheat”

Governance / Blog October 18, 2013

Whether it’s access to the polls or the integrity of the ballot, Americans can’t agree about what election priorities should be. Maybe the chief election official of Ohio, Secretary of State Jon Husted says it best: “make it easy to…

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Regional Forum Offers Space for Constructive Dialogue About Future of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

Henry Cisneros, Mel Martinez / Blog August 23, 2013

After years of bad news about the housing sector, the housing market is slowly recovering. Fewer families are facing the prospect of foreclosure. Investment in new home construction is on the rise and home prices are climbing upward. Unfortunately, it’s…

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