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States and Localities Open to Consent-Based Approach on Nuclear Waste

Energy / Press Release September 27, 2016

A “consent-based” approach to siting nuclear waste facilities may offer a promising solution to what has been a decades-long stalemate on the issue.

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Moving Forward with Consent-Based Siting for Nuclear Waste Facilities

Energy / Research September 27, 2016

An overhaul of nuclear waste management is required and a different approach should be taken to site future facilities, regardless of the fate of Yucca Mountain.

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Consent-Based Siting for Nuclear Waste Facilities

Energy / September 27, 2016 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. ET

The Nuclear Waste Council released recommendations on the topic of consent-based siting as the culmination of the second phase of the council’s work.

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Nuclear Waste Management Map

Energy / Page January 12, 2016

The map provides a glimpse into the vast and varied context of nuclear waste management in the United States.

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DOE Announces Steps Forward on Consent-Based Siting

Samuel Brinton / Blog December 22, 2015

In a surprise move, the Department of Energy announced a series of actions it is taking to build a consent-based siting process for nuclear waste facilities.

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Nuclear Waste Storage in the U.S.

Energy / Research December 2, 2015

Nuclear waste needs to be stored away from the public to protect us from its radiation and to let it cool down.

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Rep. Simpson and Energy Experts on a Long-Term Solution on Nuclear Waste

Energy / Press Release October 20, 2015

BPC’s council has met with industry and community leaders across the country to better understand the challenges and opportunities surrounding nuclear waste.

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What We Heard: Exploring Major Themes of the Nuclear Waste Conversation

Energy / October 27, 2015 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. ET

BPC’s Nuclear Waste Council hosted a discussion on the challenges and solutions to America’s nuclear waste management.

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Nuclear Waste Primer Series

Energy / Research July 30, 2015

The launch of BPC’s series comes as Congress prepares to take up energy legislation in the months ahead.

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Nuclear Waste Dry Cask Storage, Explained

Energy / Research July 28, 2015

As nuclear waste continues to make headlines, a common reference point is the dry cask storage in which nuclear waste is sometimes held.

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