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Congress Should Find Long-term Solution, Not Tricks to Avoid Defense Caps

Shai Akabas, Ben Ritz, Mark White / Blog June 22, 2015

More and more, standard operating procedure in Congress seems to employ “creative” accounting methods to game the system and get around defense spending caps.

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To the 114th Congress: Choose National Security and Growth over Sequester

Economy / Blog November 7, 2014

Tight budgets squeeze the defense establishment and could leave the nation with insufficient and unprepared military forces.

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CR + ISIS = Crisis?

Steve Bell / Blog September 18, 2014

Last week, President Obama announced that the U.S. would begin a campaign to fight ISIS (or ISIL), the Sunni militant group in Syria and Iraq. That operation will involve two parts – a campaign of airstrikes to weaken ISIS and an effort to train Iraqi troops. Budget analysts immediately started wondering how those missions are going to be funded and whether it would add pressure to the already-strained budget at the Department of Defense.

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Reforming the Budget: How to Fix the Congressional Budget Process

Alice M. Rivlin / Blog February 4, 2014

This post was originally published by The Brookings Institution. There will never an easy way to decide which activities the United States government should undertake or how to pay for them. Voters and their elected representatives have extremely diverse views…

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Embers of Pragmatism: A Hopeful Sign for the New Year

Jason Grumet / Blog January 1, 2014

Pragmatic leadership has long been the foundation of American democracy and the source of our political stability. After a year of unseemly partisan wrangling – with the extremes of both parties holding hostage issues ranging from entitlement and tax reform to judicial…

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Military Pension Provisions in Bipartisan Budget Act Are Small But Essential Step

Shai Akabas, Steve Bell, Brian Collins / Blog December 30, 2013

We would like to congratulate Senator Patty Murray (D-WA) and Representative Paul Ryan (R-WI) for their work on the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2013 (BBA). In particular, their work on slowing the growth of military pension costs is an important—though…

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The Bipartisan Budget Act Is a Good Start – But It’s Not Time to Rest

Shai Akabas, Brian Collins / Blog December 13, 2013

The budget agreement between Senator Patty Murray (D-WA) and Representative Paul Ryan (R-WI) that was announced earlier this week and passed the House of Representatives with a strong bipartisan vote (332-94) last night is a step forward for the budget…

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